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Where did the idea come from?

Moving into the workplace for the first time, I was struck by how unwelcoming these environments can be to people with disabilities, particularly invisible ones. Reflecting on the usefulness of having the TFL ‘Please Offer me a Seat’ badge for the commute, I thought about how useful it would be for something like this to exist for the rest of the working day, something that would enable colleagues to be aware of people's needs without 

having to explicitly tell them - which in itself takes courage and energy. It was then that the idea of Codeword Pineapple was born, as a way of circumnavigating this exact problem. I sat on the idea for four months until one morning, when it came up in conversation with one of my best friends and we decided - why not take the plunge?

Why pineapples? Pineapples fight back! They are the only fruit that contains enzymes that attempt to break down your mouth as you eat them and I wanted to imbue this project with that same sense of resilience.

Jess Lindley

Founder and Director

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